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#85313 Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway - a few pictures.

Posted by Ron Fisher on 22 January 2015 - 11:20 PM

Evening All,
I paid a visit to the W&LLR whilst on holiday in Wales last year and have now put some pictures on Flickr.  If anyone would like to have a look, this is the first one in the Photostream :
Alternatively, they can also be found in this Album together with a few from the 1960s that some people may not have seen :
Hope that they are of interest.  I shall be adding another batch in due course.

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#85296 Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Posted by Rogier Donker on 20 December 2014 - 08:28 PM

Christmas 2014

Beloveds! J

                         It’s been a year and a half! When in January I started cardiac rehab, the prognosis for a full recovery from the widow maker of October 2013 was good. With each visit to the cardiac rehab department I became stronger and stronger and the future looked promising. Then in late February I came down with a case of the shingles that definitely threw a monkey wrench in the progress. Six weeks later I was able to start cardiac rehab again, but thoughts of being able to do that without oxygen went by the way side. My Personal Oxygen Concentrator is now definitely part of me, as without it I cannot do much in the physical department. As soon as the weather allowed it, Ellen started re-roofing the studio building and since I was not allowed on the roof I used the golf cart to gather a bit of firewood.




The newest addition to our family is “Rosie”, a sweet cocker spaniel who decided she likes us a lot. Her previous owners decided that she was happier in her new environment and so she became my “shadow”. Rosie loves to go on golf cart rides, run around up on the hill and guard the newest batch of firewood! The truth be known, this senior citizen is also tickled pink with her presence. Since he spends a lot of time “sitting around” Rosie, nestled next to him in his chair, keeps him company. Spring found Ellen busy growing a mean garden complete with a fence to keep out the deer! Produce out of the proverbial yang-yang! Cardiac rehab takes up three days out of the week, so we can only go on kiln repair trips on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Since there does not seem to be another competent kiln repairperson around the phone keeps ringing and we keep busy! Since cardiac rehab leaves me totally “wasted” for the rest of the day, not much gets accomplished and what does



get accomplished is Ellen’s doing. Fortunately the house building is practically done and Ellen did find some time to go fishing. First time in ten years the boat was on the Wabash!




And then the weather cleared up and Ellen was able to resume where she had left off when the widow maker occurred: the west wall stoning was completed!




Left over rocks were used to re-do the banks of the drainage ditch, a project that was long overdue as the telephone poles that once formed the edges had long since rotted away. The wooden gear clock, a project that so far has consumed 174 hours, is still a work in progress. It is, however, nearing completion.




In late November the cardiologist agreed to reduce the cardiac rehab to two days a week, as I am much stronger than I earlier in the year. I even have some energy to actually do things!  While I can no longer do a lot of physical things and have to be on oxygen when I do physical stuff, I no longer feel like patient! And with Ellen at and on my side the future looks pretty bright! J


We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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#84996 Vulcan Foundry Liberation - JZ38

Posted by crhav on 31 January 2014 - 04:02 PM

"....their un-British apparence these squat, chunky engines possesed considerable character. (Coiln D. Garratt)"




From this loco coming my model in HO! All model is constructed/assembled from etched brass and copleted with material as; driving wheels, motor, gear, etc.


Model is functional and working. Here below some other picture.
























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#84811 The railway photos of Kenneth Peter Oxlade

Posted by John Oxlade on 15 October 2013 - 12:54 AM

Since he passed away last year, my sister has been scanning all of Dad's railway-related photos. I have uploaded a bunch to Flickr, but I thought I'd make a photo album too as a more "permanent" momento.

So, I just finished putting together an album using my-books.com. It was a lot of work, not least because I had to research nearly every single photo, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I sent my sister the first copy and have just printed a second for myself. I must say that the final, printed, hard-bound book far exceeds my expectations, but it is an expensive way to do it. We cannot justify printing 10,000 of them as they'd be of more interest to people who knew my Dad than a mass-market product. However, if anyone is interested, I can tell you more about the content and cost.


Sample pages:



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#83899 In my "depot" ...

Posted by thomcro on 07 October 2012 - 11:25 PM

Those three electric locomotive are not only what I momentaly work. This is what I am currently working ...

Croatian long freight car for transporting transformers (car was long cca. 60 cm)...
Posted Image

Posted Image

5 diesel shunters
Posted Image

Posted Image

2 4-axle electric locomotive, 1 in JŽ old livery & 1 in slovenian new livery ...
(pantograph position will be _<>__<>_)
Posted Image

(pantograph position will be _>__<_)
Posted Image

All models are made of paper and will not have a motor. When will all this be over I do not know. All the pieces I make and I occasionally have a small technical problem and then I have to stop until I can figure out how to solve it. Currently I am mostly done on a long freight car and he is almost ready for painting.
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#37 The Autonomous Collective of Comecon Gunzles (ACCG Epoch IV)

Posted by Alan Rees on 03 July 2004 - 10:12 AM

Posted Image

Heralding the dawn of the red revolutions Epoch IV, it is time to establish our meeting place in the new forum as preparation for the grand entrance of our General Secretary.

For further information about our cause, please read the
The Lower Grong-Grong Poultry Farmers, O-scale Narrow-Guage Railroading and Voice of World Socialism Gazette
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#85588 Tornado

Posted by Alan Rees on 16 April 2017 - 12:58 PM

As you probably heard on the news , Tornado achieved the magic ton last week:



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Posted by RickE on 09 February 2016 - 01:01 PM


    I paid a visit to the Great Central Railway at Loughborough, Leicestershire,UK on Sunday as Southern Locos, 'Sir Lamiel' 'Sir Keith Park' and U Class No 31806 were running as well as Jinty running around on a short Minerals train all day.


Please follow this link to have a browse  ....  http://rickeborall.z....com/f958684795  Click on the Gallery thumbnail to open the collection.


 Hope they are of some interest ........... Regards to all............. Rick

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#85538 Vale of Rheidol Railway Festival of Steam.

Posted by Ron Fisher on 26 January 2016 - 07:20 PM

Evening All,


I have added a further batch of pictures from last September to Flickr; this is the first one in the Photostream for those interested to see them :


24515534162_01ee61944b_n.jpgRD12360.  No.9 at Pontarfynach (Devil&#x27;s Bridge). by Ron Fisher, on Flickr


Hope that they're still of interest even if they are a few months old.

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#85537 Model Railway Exhibition at New Romney.

Posted by Ron Fisher on 20 January 2016 - 12:43 AM

Morning All,
While I was on holiday in Littlestone-on-Sea I went to the model railway exhibition at New Romney Station.  I took a few pictures and a selection is now on Flickr; this is the first one in the Photostream if anyone would lke to have a look (16 pictures in total) :
Hope that they are of interest.

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#85522 Need photos of Bieniow, Poland

Posted by Patrick Skuza on 03 January 2016 - 04:48 AM

Have a look over here also.



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#85505 Bochum Union road rails

Posted by Phil.Rickard on 16 December 2015 - 04:59 AM

I'm hoping someone with a knowledge of Bochum Union (Bochumer Verein) can assist with an enquiry.


Between 1907 and 1914, Bochum Union advertised and sold its patented road rails in Australia and New Zealand. These steel rails were 10 metres long, 7 inches wide and had a small half-inch flange along one side. They were laid along roads and were used by heavy horse-drawn carts and wagons - in other words normal steel-tyred road traffic that when heavily loaded would cause great damage to unformed roads and tracks; the small flange assisting in guidance. Effectively, they were a type of plateway.


Lohmann advert for road rails.jpg


The rails were laid in a concrete trench and the underside of the rails (they had downward projecting sides) was also filled with concrete, making them virtually immovable.  It is known they were used in South Australia, Victoria and New Zealand. Initially, Bochum Union used a Melbourne firm, Lohmann & Co, as their agent.  By 1910 Diercks and Co was the agent and Mr Diercks stated that "In the last ten years over 250 miles of these road rails have been put down on the continent."


The questions are: What is the German name for these road rails? (I tried simply translating that into German and Dr Google had a melt down so I'm guessing they had a specialised name.) I also tried to negotiate the German patents system looking for something patented by Bochumer Verein c.1900 - 1906 with no luck.  And wereabouts in Europe were they laid - Does anyone know if there are any still in situ?


many thanks    Phil





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#85480 Vale of Rheidol Railway Festival of Steam.

Posted by Ron Fisher on 15 October 2015 - 05:17 PM

Evening All,
Not exactly hot news I know, but a selection of my pictures of the V of R Steam Festival last month can be seen on Flickr.  If anyone's interested to have a look, this is the first one in the Photostream :
Clicking on the picture will enlarge it and take you to the others.
Alternatively, they can also be found in this album together with some pictures from earlier times :
Hope they're of interest even if a bit late.

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#85475 Pictures of an Orenstein and Koppel 10 HP

Posted by Miguel on 28 September 2015 - 04:34 AM

Hi. My grandfather had bought it in the 60s, here in Brazil.  







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#85350 Vulcan Foundry Liberation - JZ38

Posted by crhav on 09 March 2015 - 05:15 PM

Last........JZ38019 & JZ38009





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#85342 My new loco JZ 01 ex SHS 1000

Posted by crhav on 03 March 2015 - 10:34 AM

Here are another JZ01 with water cleaner, which make different shape of locomotive.............















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#85329 HiGH Railways is the next big jump

Posted by HighRailways on 13 February 2015 - 02:47 AM

Hi :)


I am very pleased and glad to be here and get in touch with people interested into my proposition. Sorry if my English isn't fluent but it remains understandable.


In 24 December, i have published an online document titled Safe, secure and Smart Railways of the future. I was searching for a technology to resolve common problems linked to railroads and its vehicles at once. The problems i have studied was :


  • The problem of collisions phenomena and its deadliest results.
  • Slow trains speeds in bad weather or closer to urban areas to prevent accidents.
  • Heaviest trains weights causes consumption of huge energy on startup and difficult decelerations.


From my perspective and with respect to all of your points of views, those problems are all linked to each others because of a common barrier. This barrier is the railway architecture itself.


Trains are getting more and more faster and comfortable, but what about people living and doing activities closer from those railroads ? Aren't they in continuous danger, theirs children and animals as well ? How many time train or tram stops because of either a collision or the existence of a natural obstacle such as inundation making hundreds of people who are traveling inside train or tram wasting theirs times waitings ? and finally why train has to weight 400 tonnes to carry 400 passengers that all theirs total weights is just about 40 tonnes ? that remain us to Confucius proverb [not use a cannon to kill a mosquito].


For these reasons, i have provided the idea of building railways that provides the following :


  • Resolve the problems of collisions, so they will be no more danger to crossing objects being humans, vehicles or animals. No more need to build safe crossing passengers and spend even more money to build walls to prevent people from getting to the rail track.
  • Resolve the problem of natural obstacles, such as inundations, snows, earthquakes that prevents train and tram from continuing its travel normally.
  • Of course, it also time to think about the construction of more lightweight trains that weights less tons and consumes less energy as well.


The solution to that problems exists, it is called HiGH Railways.


A HiGH Railway is a railroad which is elevated from the ground at a level that allows major objects to move freely under it. So you can imagine in a HiGH Railway, people and cars can always cross under it and trains, trams are moving on top of rails as normal.

The benefits of such architecture is that it open the doors into new technologies and resolve significant issues in traffic safety and quality such as Traffic Jam.


A HiGH Railway guarantee zero collisions, zero casualties amount crossing objects and allow faster trains even in urban areas.


So if you are an individual or company which is interested into HiGH Railway, do not hesitates to contact me by email highrailways@outlook.com, also i am glad to respond to your questions, in case you have by email as well.


Best Regards


The author: A. Ouysse

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#85318 Hi from Hungary

Posted by SchefferJ on 04 February 2015 - 07:22 PM

Hi All,


I am new here, greetings from Hungary.


Beside collecting DRG-era models and improving my 2.5m x 3.5m H0-table I do like creating videos with some "action-extras"...


You can find my collection here:




My videos can be found here:






Best regards,


Janos Scheffer


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#85309 Luca's train page model railways slovenja croatia others

Posted by luka on 15 January 2015 - 02:33 PM

hello HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015 to all friends after so long time with mixed a new video called ' Lukova stran 2014 the last was year 2011 with the new and old model of my collections with two intersting new compositions as the new electric locomotive as Macedonian Railways class mz 442 and composition of the EuroNight Bar - Beograd with the model of wagon class salon of blue Tito train and the electric locomotive series ŽPCG 461 .




My plastic modular description,
the current size is 3x3 meters with a structure of six moduli.ha received a revamp last year, leaving The only part of the original station had old layout'' museum'' il more 'than twenty' new year are the two passers-side B-side entrance and exit station, the last and 'under construction at this time
Armament and ' hoarse switches with self-built parts visibili.solo hoarse about Whether old-line represents a secondary station with four tracks and a small goods yard, depot turntable steam and calls for the coal mine-
the-line and 'single-track line until deflected
towards Dalmatia and the sea with only petrol station line ends in the fantasy-shoveled the other line leads to the Croatian border station sapjane made ​​between the real and unreal, where changes can be done at 3000V traction 25 / 50kV-buildings and works of art are self-made and commercial management and and 'fully analogous
setting is the 'line from the Trieste Karst in the woods that go to ljubljana Jesenice former border with Austria and
pushes toward the coast Dalmatian..............




BYE luka


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#85307 Vulcan Foundry Liberation - JZ38

Posted by crhav on 14 January 2015 - 01:23 PM

The work on II engine JZ38 is under progress....














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